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Flashback - feat. Frank Willitt / prod. by: Tone Jonez

Dark Vibes Interlude

Care About Us / prod. by: JC - The Truth

Staring At The Ceiling / prod. by: Corbett

Fugazee / prod. by: Tone Jonez

We Gon' See - feat. MyDamm Self, Jerry Vicious / Produced by: Kid Flash

Shots Fired / prod. by: Dope Boyz Music

Ode / prod. by: Dope Boyz Music

Small Talk / prod. by: Tone Jonez

The Awakening Interlude

Gotta Boast - feat. K Smooth / prod. by: Isaiah Vest

Think About It - feat. Jay Staples / prod. by: Tone Jonez

Untitled - feat. (TBA) / prod. by: BYRD

Untitled / prod. by: Corbett

Thanks / prod. by: Sensei

Be You - feat. Jerry Vicious & (TBA) / prod. by: Dreamlife

A Big Rock / prod. by: Dreamlife

Freedom / Produced by: Tone Jonez